Hey. Welcome to Ruff Diamonds. This company started by Paula.  She is now known as Diamond and was married to Malo at the time.  They became known as the husband and wife team who were proud to bring you exclusive, iced out and custom made jewellery for men.

Paula and Malo became known as Ruff & Diamond.  To this day that is how they are named.


Ruff now in jail and Diamond on a Rolex for 10 months. 

This company is now owned and operated by Apin8tor the son of Ruff Diamond, due to the legal issues that led to their guilty verdicts.

Ruff Diamonds focus on this top end market of bad boy bling and in recent years brought in more affordable pieces and started to stock look a like versions.

The top notch items are not your average, boring and middle of the road Mall shop jewellery.

For years Ruff would go jewellery shopping and was bored. The shops were boring and had no flavour. Diamond saw that the market was missing real exclusive prestigious jewellery for bad ass men and women. So she thought she would start it herself.  What is available is shit made by boring jewellers with no idea and we want more so here we are.

The name Ruff Diamonds represents two sides of life the RUFF – which is street wise and tough the other DIAMOND – business minded and smart.

Diamond has become both Ruff & Diamond after living through years of the Ruff life and then facing legal challenges which are being appealed in the higher courts.

Diamond is also a business minded educated boss Beetch who has learnt the hard way to love herself 100% no mater what any one says.  The world has molded her into a strong woman who takes no shit any more and does not apologise for it.

She admits she is a tad bit crazy and she don’t give a shit about that.

Ruff Diamonds specialises in Bad Boy Bling, Club rings and is looking to move into engagement rings and Womens jewellery.

If you have been looking for that iced out, quality, exclusive item or if you would like custom make that club ring, family ring, gift or any other custom piece. Message us today.

Many clubs in the past have been paying too much or have been dealing with jewellers that don’t fit the bill. Now, those days are over.

 We deal with everyone the only rule is you must be bad ass.
We are currently focusing on Rocks for bad boyz BUT the Rocks for bad ass chicks won’t be far away.
We have an appointment only policy if you would like to come and view any pieces or to discuss your custom piece. We also have an online store that you can shop in with ease at www.ruffdiamonds.nz and we have a shop on our face book page. We are extending our jewellery line all the time.
The only other thing that we must mention is that we are a ride or die kinda family. To us blood makes you related but loyalty makes you family. To 1% era now you know who we are.

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