Hey, I’m Paula Toleafoa I am a founder of Ruff Diamonds. I have previously been a property investor, a business owner in hair, beauty and property management.

I once owned around 16 houses and had started life off as a young pregnant mum at 17. Uneducated, broke, low self esteem and felt judged by the world. I used this experience to fuel my motivation to be the best I could be.

I have always loved jewellery and my mum used to design and manufacture it before she died in 2006 of cancer. When I’m designing it I feel closer to her. I love wearing the pieces I inherited from her and brought through out my life around the world.

I am an ambitious woman but have never ever felt more passionate about a product. The jewellery that I have designed with the help of my amazing husband is high end, exclusive, iced out and custom made. We are the only company in NZ that focus on this top end market. The items are not your average Pascoes and Micheal Hill boring and middle of the road jewellery.

I decided to design and manufacture my own styles after shopping in NZ with my husband and seeing that the market was missing real exclusive prestigious jewellery for bad ass men and women.

The name Ruff Diamonds represents of 2 people my husband and me – one ruff, street wise and tough the other the diamond business minded and smart. I’ll let you guess who’s who. We still dispute this he thinks he’s the diamond.

If you have been looking for that iced out, quality, exclusive item that can’t be found anywhere else in NZ message me today to find if you are able to become a member of Ruff Diamonds. Rocks for bad boyz. The Rocks for bad girls won’t be far away.

We have an appointment only policy and if you meet the criterion you may become a member and you will eventually be able to shop online. I look forward to meeting you and showing you all the latest designs and all the other exclusive designs that are on the way.

I suffer from PTSD and found that getting lost in these designs helps me become better person everyday. I strive to over come this as best I can.

The only other thing that I must mention is that I’m a ride or die kinda family girl.

Welcome to Ruff Diamonds Bad Boyz and all my Bad Bitches out there.